Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thing 2- Library 2.0

I would like to comment on Stephen Abram's video because he said some interesting things about how he approaches L2. He emphasized that it is about setting priorities, being engaged, and being open to new technologies and ways of interacting that have or will have an impact on your personal and work life. Doing and reflecting is a way to immerse ourselves in new learning experiences. Being engaged in our own learning experience in "23 things on a stick" is a good example of an opportunity to really learn and reflect on some different elements of 2.o. We could just choose to go through the motions and just read about new tools but it won't have much impact unless you are willing to play in the sandbox. Do librarians really want to be left out of the new sandbox?
As a future school library media specialist we've talked a lot about Web 2.0 in our graduate courses and I agree with Blyberg that L2 is not an option for us. It is going on now and as professionals we need to be willing to take the time & energy to enthusiastically embrace its elements and possibilities. We need to understand the tools and be aware of how our patrons are using them and why. We need to participate in however our information world evolves or we will be left behind. Blyberg cites Sarah Houghton's definition of L2 that it is "making the library relevant." I'm excited to be a part of making the library relevant to its users. But we have to pay attention to what the needs and wants of our users are. We cannot dismiss their preferences but should instead want to find a way to be a part of those preferences, to be relevant to users daily lives.
"23 things on a stick" seems to be an easy but powerful way for librarians to get to know some tools, even immersing themselves in them , and to also reflect on how these tools will impact their users, their work, their mission, and they way they serve and interact.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Step 1-Avatar

I was confused about how to add an avatar to my blog. I finally figured out (after reading another posting) that the instructions are on the 23 things on a stick page. I had completed setting up and registering the blog but had missed the last half of the instructions.
It was really fun setting my avatar up. What a neat way to personalize yourself. I think it adds to stronger ties between people interacting on the Internet and it helps individualize someone so that it is not just another nameless and faceless person. I like it better than a real photograph in this situation.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm completing step one. I'm excited to go through all of the "things".
I'm still a grad student (working on becoming a SLMS) and I just wanted to comment on the fact that there is a lot of professional support in this field from other SLMSs and everyone is very open and willing to offer help & suggestions. I think it's just great!